Learning Life Lessons While Making Chicken Pot Pie I came from a very large family. This included, mine, yours, ours, in-laws, out-laws, the local laws, and a few strays along the way. We all learned to respect each other. Love, well that was automatic for some, and eventually earned by all. In a large family […]

Quorn chicken style burgers are one of the more complex aspects of the chicken style quorn brand of vegetarian meat alternative products. Quorn chicken style burgers, much like quorn chicken style fillets, are textured and flavoured to resemble chicken products, but a simple smell or taste of these burgers will allow you to see the […]

Wonderful thick and creamy Greek yogurt is a staple of every Greek home, traditionally served with local honey. Forget thin and runny artificially colored and flavored yogurts with preservatives, and indulge in healthy Greek yogurt. It is a rich source of calcium, packs double the protein of usual yogurts and has only a trace of […]

Vegetable and rice soup is a simple dish to prepare, excellent for lunch or supper. Most people will have left over vegetables in the fridge from the weekend  so these will be perfect for making up a large pan of soup for the first day of the working week.   The soup doesn’t take long […]

It’s no secret that many have been experiencing financial difficulties due to the cost of living. Due to the exorbitant hike in food prices, sadly some among us are going to bed hungry. Or, a huge percentage of the population have to run a very tight budget each week when it comes to food shopping. […]

Most people don’t think of pairing vegetables with fruits, but there’s no reason not to.  Sometimes, such pairings produce wonderful taste combinations that are also very healthy, and even beautiful to look at. For instance, the Tassajara cookbook, a vegetarian cookbook, popularized by the associated restaurant in California, presents a simple but unusual recipe featuring […]

One way to bring down the food cost on your budget is to buy canned goods at a saving. There are a couple of easy ways to do this. Canned goods can be bought at a warehouse type store like Sam’s Club or Costco’s. If you buy in quantity, the membership fee pays for itself […]

Muscovado is a versatile ingredient that can be used for baking, cooking and sweetening. It is a dark brown sugar that has far more taste and nutritional value than more refined sugars. Muscovado is a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. The taste is similar to that of molasses, and muscovado features in recipes for both sweet and savoury food. When it […]

Coffee drinking is serious business for some aficionados. These people take extra care to create the best coffee possible. They only choose the best coffee beans/grounds and make their favorite brew with bottled water. Even the brew methods vary from person to person. Some prefer slow brew and some instant.   No matter how you […]

Most coffee drinkers are familiar with the average coffee shop: bright wall menus, knowledgeable staff, tables and chairs and of course the smell of freshly brewed coffee. A typical coffee experience includes walking up to the counter and ordering your brew, sitting down with your cup or getting the coffee to go.  One thing needs […]

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